Hydraulic Broaching Machine


In the age of global competition, there is more attention towards the automation by way of machining centres and multi-function Turning centres. Broaching has the positive advantages like high productivity and repeatable product quality. Productivity improvement to ten times or even more is not uncommon, as the speed of metal removal by broaching is vastly greater. Roughing, Semi finishing and finishing of the component is done just in one pass by broaching, and this pass is generally accomplished in seconds. Thus Broaching has proved to be a most simple, highly productive cost effective and practical machining operation. It requires lesser manpower, extending its use in wide fields of applications with exceptional savings on machine and tooling cost. Broaching is highly productive Metal Cutting Process, in which the metal is removed by successive action of number of cutting teeth incorporated in the tool called Broach. Broaching is a significantly superior process having certain positive advantages like: Short Cycle Time with High Accuracy. Complicated irregular shapes can be easily cut. Remarkably Stable Process Accuracy. Superior Finished Faces. Extremely Economical.

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